Basha Services, LLC Environmental/Health/Green Co

Basha Team Spectacular Service

Basha Services selected a great team of staff and companies and led them in a respectful, calm, and affirming way that we all admired. It was a real pleasure to witness how smoothly everything went and how well everyone worked with each other given the challenges of the project. The Owner, both from the environmental and the operations standpoints, is very satisfied with the successful and early completion of the remediation work, and we thank you for playing such a significant role in that success.


Basha, “Thank you for providing excellent services”.


“Basha consistently provides well managed, high quality, and timely services. Basha closely manages each project and provides timely updates regarding project status and costs. Basha provides professional project summary reports and accurate, detailed project invoicing.”


Environmental Manager

“Thank you so much for your hard work on our project. Your expertise and cool head made the effort a great success. I know that it was quite an undertaking with lots of interesting dynamics. I really appreciate your dedication to seeing it through. I will look forward to working with you again, and I will certainly keep Basha Services breadth of services in mind!”

Federal Aviation Administration Basha

“thank you for providing excellent services.”

Dobbins Air Reserve Base

“Basha Services, thanks for the excellent service on our emergency response needs.”

“Exceptional - Basha is very customer oriented and often exceeds expectations controlling costs and providing project updates. Project cost estimates are accurate and project invoicing is spot on. Basha also works well managing subcontractor activities and costs.”

“Basha consistently provides high quality services and thorough, accurate and professional reports and other project documentation.”


“Basha always met and exceeded contract requirements and received exceptional feedback from the government due to the quality of service delivered. The client was extremely satisfied with the quality of the finished product.”

Booz Allen Hamilton

“The overall performance of Basha Services LLC as a subcontractor was not only exceptional, it was above and beyond Industry Standard in every way. They brought a level of professionalism to the project that exhibited a corporate wide dedication to total customer satisfaction.”


"Basha has demonstrated its focus and care regarding its relationship with its customer.. Basha’s interaction with my organization has been exceptional. Their response time, availability, and technical expertise in both our agency’s requirements and regulatory guidelines has remained consistent throughout our interaction with Basha in our Emergency Response (ER) and environmental clean-up projects. I witnessed 1st hand Basha’s adeptness in managing their subcontractors and their relationship with the contracting team."

Mr. Smith